Hand Written Notes that Make Memories

Paper is dead!  Pens are extinct!

We’ve been hearing about the virtual death of paper for decades.  And yet, at almost every meeting, you find most attendees taking notes with paper and a pen.  (Or a pencil for those of us prone to spelling errors!)  In fact, studies have proven using pen and paper to take notes boosts short and long term memory as well as the ability to retain and understand concepts.

The Handwritten Notes vs Types Notes

The study focused on college students’ ability to recall simple facts, concepts, inferences and applications of the material.  The study was two-fold.  One conducted for short-term memory (tested a half hour after the note-taking).  One conducted for long-term memory (tested one week after).  In both, one half of the group was asked to take notes by hand and the other on a laptop.  The findings revealed that while both groups memorized the same number of facts from the lectures, the handwritten note takers performed far better when tested on ideas.

A similar study found writing by hand allows the brain to receive feedback from a person’s motor actions.  The movements involved in handwriting leave a motor memory in the the brain which helps the person recognize letters and establish a connection between reading and writing.

There is just something about ink and paper that allows the human mind to go beyond merely hearing and recording new information.  The old fashioned note taking method of pen and paper boosts memory and the ability to understand concepts and facts.

Personalized Legal Pads & Pens

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