Stationery Evolution – 3 Ways to Progress

It’s no surprise to anyone that with the popularity and ease of electronic communication, the use of stationery has decreased.  However, paper is not dead as was once predicted.  And stationery isn’t either.  It is simply evolving like other communication vehicles.

Stationery of Tomorrow

Stationery, in the broadest definition, includes letterhead, business cards, envelopes, note cards and other personalized materials.  It is used to make an impression, to communicate.  But did you know that it can also create a connection on a deep and meaningful level?  Sensory marketing, or marketing that engages more than one sense affects perception, judgment and behavior.  Simply put, giving a prospective client something that they can see, hold and interact with is more memorable than just sending an email.

There are many simple ways to join the stationery evolution and create the best impression.  Below are just 3.

1. Stand Out with Great Business Cards

Many business leaders agree the practice of carrying and exchanging business cards is alive and well.  When you hand your business card to someone, that person is now interacting with you on multiple levels.  He or she is hearing you speak, maybe looking down at the card and back at you and possibly or just holding the card, flipping it over and playing with it.  With so many different senses being triggered, your meeting is sure to leave a lasting memory.

With all the production options today, your card can truly be an ambassador for your brand.  Creative designs, double-thick stocks, colored stocks, clipped or rounded corners, two-sided, vertical layouts…the list goes on and on for ways that you can make your business cards reflect your brand and still be professional.  Cards that stand out are memorable and get shared with others continuing to elevate your brand.

Pay close attention to the tactile feel of your cards.  Is the paper thin or does it have a nice heft to it?  When you run your hand over it, does anything stand out or is the paper and print smooth and flat?  The sensory impact of your card can create a lasting impression that will impact potential customers.

2. Make Letterhead More Versatile

Gone are the days of black ink on cream paper with every partner’s name listed.  Firm names have shortened.  Brands are now more colorful with over 85% of firms having 2+ color logos.

Take advantage of the more modern, simple branding and letterhead design and create “masthead” letterhead.  This type of letterhead features just the firm logo and/or name.  You can now use your letterhead to send traditional business communications and use it in other communication vehicles such as proposals as attorney bios and marketing packets as practice area sheets.  By just featuring your logo, all the offices and all personnel can print using the same letterhead with different print templates with their specific information (phone, address and even name, title and email!).  It becomes a multi-purpose sheet that ensures the consistency of your brand with the flexibility of on-demand print.

3. Send Snail Mail with Personalized Note Cards

Are you relying mostly on digital communication – online, email, social sites?  If you are like most modern businesses, you are.  And actually that’s great!  Digital communication is “cheap” and easy.  It also touches a mass of contacts at one time.  However, it can be hard and expensive to really target specific prospective clients electronically.  For those opportunities that require a more personal touch, sending a handwritten note card can send just the right message.

Be bold!  Your note cards don’t have to be 3 x 5 folded cards with just your name.  They can be configured in all shapes and sizes – flat or folded.  You can “flood coat” the back with your firm color and engrave the your name on the front.  Or even emboss your logo for an added touch of sophistication.  All of these little touches will encourage the reader to touch and feel the card – making their interaction longer, more meaningful and more impactful.

Plus, what says “you are important” and “I value our relationship” more than someone taking the time to find a pen and write a sincere note?

Join the Stationery Evolution

Contact your account manager today to discuss the many ideas on how to join the stationery evolution and see live samples of law firm brands, stationery and marketing materials.

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