Business Cards

4 Reasons to Still Carry Your Business Cards

While so much in business and life is now transacted online, there is much to be said for keeping your physical business card handy.   In a recent Forbes article, only 3 of the 16 experts thought the business card was “dead.”  That means 81% still believe in the power of physical business cards.

There are many, varied reasons to continue to carry your business cards with you.  They range from ease to impression and everything in between.

1. A Business Card remains the quickest way to exchange information

Networking and business development doesn’t begin at your desk.  Real connections happen in real life in places where you are likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger – at a baseball game, while waiting for a train, even at a doctor’s office.  They also happen at professional conferences, business meetings and other networking events.

In any case, these meetings can be hectic.  Exchanging phone numbers, saving contact information, sending a text or even trying to find a pen to write down your email address takes time that your prospective client might not have.  Handing your contact a business card not only shows that you are professional and prepared, but it remains the quickest, easiest way to provide all your accurate contact details.

2. Business Cards can make a real, lasting impression

Business cards are used because we are much more likely to keep something that’s tangible.  And with all the production options today, your they can truly be an ambassador for your brand.

Creative designs, double-thick stocks, colored stocks, clipped or rounded corners, two-sided, vertical layouts…the list goes on and on for ways that you can make your business cards reflect your brand and still be professional.  Cards that stand out are memorable and get shared with others continuing to elevate your brand.

Pay close attention to the tactile feel of your cards.  Is the paper thin or does it have a nice heft to it?  When you run your hand over it, does anything stand out or is the paper and print smooth and flat?  The sensory impact of your card can create a lasting impression that will impact potential customers.  Plus, when you hand your business card to someone, that person is now interacting with you on multiple levels.  He or she is hearing you speak, maybe looking down at the card and back at you and possibly or just holding the card, flipping it over and playing with it.  With so many different senses being triggered, your meeting is sure to leave a lasting memory.

Read a little more about the importance of sensory marketing here.

3. A Business Card is the perfect reminder

When you meet a new contact, if you only connect on social media, you will soon be forgotten among throngs of followers and friends.  A business card is a physical reminder of your meeting and of you as a person – not just as pixels.  Plus when your contact physically connects with your card, it can spark memories of how you met, what you discussed and more.  This further deepens the connection and the possibility of future interactions. There is just something meaningful and personal in giving a physical business card.

4. Business Cards are an instant invitation

Handing someone your card is an invitation to connect.  It’s a promise to continue your conversation.  An invitation to follow you on your social media accounts.  It’s an offer for them to call you, email you or text you on their terms – not yours.  It’s a subtle reminder to them that you are there when they are ready to connect.  Plus, once you hand someone a business card, it is natural for you to request their card so you can also connect with them.

The death of the business card is greatly exaggerated

Business cards aren’t dead.  They aren’t even dying.  But they are changing.  Business cards are now a way to stand out.  They are a way to elevate your brand.  Make sure yours do their job and always have them handy.