Hand Written Notes that Make Memories

Paper is dead!  Pens are extinct! We’ve been hearing about the virtual death of paper for decades.  And yet, at almost every meeting, you find most attendees taking notes with paper and a pen.  (Or a pencil for those of us…

Promo Items Help Boost Employee Health

With group health-care rates spiking – some soaring by double digits in 2015 – companies are promoting healthier workplaces to help cut down on health-care claims. A Harvard University study, in fact, found that for every $1 invested in a…

Business Development – 5 Ways to Impress Clients

The number one rule of business development is to always impress your clients.  Happy clients will continue to give you their business and are much more likely to give you additional business and referrals.  The number two rule of business development…

IEGA Awards

Awards for Engraving Excellence

The International Engraved Graphics Association (IEGA) announced the winners of its 2016 Engraved Stationery Contest at a special awards presentation on June 24, 2016. ALL-STATE LEGAL was the recipient of 19 awards – the most captured by any single engraver this year….