Personal Touches in a Virtual World

Personal Touches in a Virtual World

So, traditional business development activities are out the window right? In-person events such as lunches, dinners and golf outings are just not happening. Other activities such as seminars and client meetings are now mostly virtual.

With all the uncertainty, planning and re-planning and remote working, personal connections are more important than ever. Yet they are so much harder to foster. But it’s not impossible. There are still some great ways to make personal connections and enhance your business development activities.

First and foremost, you must make sure the tone and message are reflective of what is important to your audience right now. Then, you should ensure that every touch reinforces your commitment to serving your clients’ needs today, tomorrow and in the future.

There are a few ways you can strengthen your message in a personal way.

Handwritten Note Cards

Right up there with your fingerprints and DNA, there isn’t anything much more personal than your handwriting. Even if it’s a little messy or hard to read, taking the time to handwrite a message to someone can make a big difference. The impact? The recipient knows that you’ve put part of yourself, your time and your thoughts around reaching out. What is more personal than that?

Holiday Cards

With almost a year of online meetings and excessive email communication, a physical card in the mail will let current and prospective clients know that you value them and are still available to support them.

Learn more about the relevance of holiday cards.

Appreciation Gifts

Every one wants to feel appreciated. Whether it is a thank you to prospective clients for attending an online seminar, a gift to current customers to recognize their loyalty or an acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication of your employee base – a small token of appreciation can help foster goodwill.

However, choosing the right item or items can be difficult. And if you still have restrictions for in-office resources to help pick, pack and ship packages, it becomes more difficult. Larger firms may choose to use online appreciation stores that feature firm-approved gift/give-away items to streamline the process. Mid-size and smaller firms can use a promotional products partner that will provide them with a list of creative items that can be fulfilled within budget and on schedule.

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Next Steps

What is your firm doing to adapt to more virtual business development and still maintain a personal feel? We’d love to hear about your plans and creative ideas!

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