Handwritten Notes

The Power of the Handwritten Word

In 2018, Bull Garlington wrote an article that told the story of how a handwritten note had earned a contact his business. In his words, “That deployment of fine stationery made an impression. It emphasized that though we mostly connect…

Personal Touches in a Virtual World

Personal Touches in a Virtual World

So, traditional business development activities are out the window right? In-person events such as lunches, dinners and golf outings are just not happening. Other activities such as seminars and client meetings are now mostly virtual. With all the uncertainty, planning…

2019 Branding Trends

In a recent study of almost 200 law firms coupled with a review of the National Law Journal top 500 law firm’s brands and stationery, we have identified the latest trends in law firm branding, communication and business development materials….

Stationery Evolution – 3 Ways to Progress

It’s no surprise to anyone that with the popularity and ease of electronic communication, the use of stationery has decreased.  However, paper is not dead as was once predicted.  And stationery isn’t either.  It is simply evolving like other communication…