Handwritten Notes

The Power of the Handwritten Word

In 2018, Bull Garlington wrote an article that told the story of how a handwritten note had earned a contact his business. In his words, “That deployment of fine stationery made an impression. It emphasized that though we mostly connect through a scrabble knockoff on our phones, our mutual respect is real. Like the card.”

Bull’s story is a perfect example of how a simple note card and the written word can make all the difference. And his contact was definitely ahead of her time.

Technology Has Allowed Us to Connect

Over the past year of “remote” and “distant,” we’ve had to adapt to and rely more on virtual connections and electronic communication. These have allowed us to stay in touch more easily. Unfortunately, it has also led to email overload, Zoom call fatigue and social media white noise.

That’s not to say that these forms of communication aren’t still effective. They are effective for conveying information. They just aren’t as effective for building relationships, fostering loyalty and projecting genuine emotion.

Handwritten Notes Have Power

With all it’s drawback, the past year as also taught us an important lesson – the importance of personal interactions. While in-person activities are still few and far between, there are ways to connect on a more personal level. A handwritten note can cut through some of the side effects of technology-based communication and lead to stronger personal connections.

Right up there with your fingerprints and DNA, there isn’t anything much more personal than your handwriting. Even if it’s a little messy or hard to read, taking the time to handwrite a message to someone can make a big difference. The impact? The recipient knows that you’ve put part of yourself, your time and your thoughts around reaching out specifically to her. What is more personal than that?

Also the principal of sensory marketing is that the more senses you can engage through a single encounter or communication, the greater the retention. Clients don’t print emails. They don’t touch social media posts. However, when mail is delivered, your clients pick it up, holds it in their hands and feels the weight of it. And they knows, you went out of your way to write to them.

When to Send a Handwritten Note

Obviously, work anniversaries, birthdays and life changes are great times to send a handwritten note. But how can you and your team go beyond the usual and truly use handwritten notes for business development?

Your reasons need to be genuine. Your reasons should be proactive and not just reactive to a date or an action. Your reasons need to be specific to your contact.

Looking for more ways to connect in a virtual world? Check out these suggestions. Then call your Account Representative to discuss your specific needs.